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1.    Heat in the kettle only the amount of water you need now.
2.    Descale your kettle regularly, then the kettle will heat water faster and will consume less energy.
3.    Close the lids when cooking. This will cook food faster and with the lowest consumption of gas or electricity.
4.    If you have an electric stove – turn off the burner a few minutes before the food is cooked.
5.    Regularly defrost the refrigerator. Close door immediately; do not let the door stand open longer than necessary.
6.    Do not keep the refrigerator near the stove. To maintain a constant low temperature, the refrigerator in this location will consume more energy.
7.    Do the dishes in a sink closed with a sink stopper, not in running water. This reduces water consumption by 3-5 times.
8.    Install an aerator on the water faucet, this will reduce water flow by almost half.
9.    If you have a large family, buy a dishwasher. By using it, you will save an average of 12,000 l of water a year; plus the energy it takes to heat and pump the water!
10.    Buy only the highest energy efficiency class equipment. (According to European labeling, energy efficiency is marked with classes from A to G, where A is the highest energy efficiency class, and G is the lowest.)


1.    Install water meters! Then you will pay only for what you consumed.
2.    Fully load your washing machine. When it is loaded partially, it consumes almost the same amount of energy as with a full load.
3.    Wash in cold water, because 90% of energy consumed by the washing machine is used to heat water.
4.    Close the tap while you brush your teeth. Otherwise, you waste about 10 l of water every minute.
5.    If your tap leaks – you waste up to 500 l of water a day. If hot water leaks – you also waste gas that is used to heat water!
6.    Install a lever mixer. It mixes water much faster than a traditional one (with two taps) and thus saves water.
7.    A broken toilet tank valve may leak up to 2,000 l of water a day.
8.    Install an economical toilet tank and valve in your toilet, with two flush keys. So you will use only 6 l or even 3 l of water instead of 10-12 l per each flush.
9.    Take showers instead of taking baths. You will save 60% of water. A bath takes 140-160 l of water and a five-minute shower takes 30-50 l.
10.    Iron those items first which require minimum temperature.


1.    Unplug mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other equipment after they are charged. By doing so, you will save a lot of electricity and will protect batteries from rapid amortization.
2.    Do not keep TV sets and other electrical appliances in the "sleep" (stand-by) mode. This mode consumes a lot of energy.
3.    Unplug electric appliances when not in use. Even turned off appliances consume a certain amount of energy from power sockets.
4.    When leaving the room – do not forget to turn off the TV set and lights.
5.    You can save energy by replacing the old light bulbs with the new energy saving (LED) bulbs. Their service life is longer, and your electricity bill will reduce by 20%.
6.    Install triple-pane energy saving windows that will save your dwelling from hot outdoor air in summer and will keep the heat in the apartment in winter.
7.    Lower the blinds at night or cover the windows with short curtains.
8.    If possible, install a temperature controller on the radiators to control heat consumption.
9.    Place heat reflecting screens or foil behind radiators, then heat release will increase by 20%.
10.    A radiator with smooth surface enhances heat release by almost 10%.
11.    Make sure your radiators are not blocked. Avoid decor on the radiators. Then the radiators will heat your premises, rather than heating the curtains, walls and furniture.
12.    Thick rugs or carpeting will help you insulate concrete floor.
13.    Inspect your apartment to find cracks in the windows, doors and other places through which cold air can get in, and repair the cracks.
14.    In winter, when the apartment is cold, wear warm clothes instead of using the heater. Thus you will save a large amount of electricity and will save your money.


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