Sustainable Energy Action Plan in Khmelnytskyi

On May 18, the Deputies of the Khmelnytskyi City Council approved the municipal Sustainable Energy Action Plan for 2016-2025 (SEAP). The document includes 60 projects aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by almost 26% (240,367 ton/year) from the baseline level (2010). The total amount of these projects is UAH 2,976 mln. They include projects on: thermal modernization, conversion to alternative energy sources in the heating, water supply and sewage systems, street lighting and improvement of the traffic control system.

Consultants of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project took active part in preparation of the SEAP and its condensed version. They updated the Plan according to the 2016 municipal budget, adjusted the list of the proposed projects, and outlined realistic deadlines for their implementation.

Information Fair’2016

Recently, the team of USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (USAID Project) participated in the exhibition "Information Fair’2016". More than 40 international projects and organizations that provide expert advice and assistance to the relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine were represented at the event. The USAID Project distributed among the Deputies, their assistants and consultants its information materials on building management, creation of condominiums, saving of energy resources and others. In addition, experts of the USAID Project talked to the exhibition visitors about importance of adopting legislation on the NECSRC, ensuring commercial metering of natural gas, etc.

Exhibition AquaTherm’2016

On May 18, Deputy Chief of Party of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (USAID Project) Dmytro Yemelyanenko participated in the exhibition AquaTherm’2016. This specialized event gathers annually more than 1,000 participants and representatives of more than 300 national and international companies who present the latest engineering solutions. The feature of this year’s exhibition was presentation of the energy saving technologies and solutions for the heating, air conditioning, water treatment systems, etc.

 In his speech, Dmytro Yemelyanenko noted that Ukraine today more than ever needs maximum concentration of its efforts to strengthen its energy security. "Implementation of the energy efficiency measures, without question, is the basis for energy independence of Ukraine. And, first of all, these measures need to be implemented in the municipal sector. For instance, the systems of lighting, transportation, water supply and sewage, heating and solid waste management require modernization. The USAID Project experts assist their partner cities on a daily basis to reduce energy consumption step by step."

Energy Efficiency Partnership Forum

USAID Project team has supported the Second Energy Efficient Partnership Forum “Energy Service: Investments in Energy Efficiency of Public Sector and Benefits for Residential Buildings”. Participants of the event were more than 600 representatives of the international organizations, public, condominiums, relevant Ministries and agencies, oblast, district and city administrations. Key topics for discussion were national and regional achievements in the sphere of energy efficiency of the residential stock, international energy service practices in the Ukrainian realities, as well as support of the international programs on introduction of energy service in Ukraine.

Honorable guests of the Forum were Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman, Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Henadii Zubko, SAEE Chairman Serhii Savchuk, Chiefs of Party of USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine (USAID Project), GIZ, IFC.

During the official opening ceremony, Ms. Diana Korsakaite, Chief of Party of the USAID Project, stressed importance of ESCO development in Ukraine – one of potentially efficient mechanisms for financing of energy efficiency improvements which have already proved its effectiveness in the USA and European countries.

Start of Sustainable Energy Days

Lviv became the second of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (USAID Project) partner cities to hold Sustainable Energy Days activities. The date of the event is very symbolic – April 22 – International Earth Day. It is precisely on this date that various events helping people attract attention to environmental problems and try saving the planet by joint efforts taking place all over the world.

The USAID Project team contributed by setting up an information kiosk for visitors to Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Park in Lviv. Here, visitors could receive specialized brochures and tips from the USAID Project on saving energy, heat insulation for houses, the installation of energy efficient windows, etc. Children participated in scientific clean energy labs and master classes on making toy windmills. In this way, the volunteers and USAID Project team could reach out to children and tell them about renewable energy sources. Also, the USAID Project’s experts worked as jury members for the contest among 9-11 grade students from Lviv secondary schools for making energy efficient devices from materials at hand. The winners received prizes and souvenirs from the USAID Project and the Lviv City Council.

New Resource Center in Ternopil

A HOA and Clean Energy Resource Center was officially opened in Ternopil during Sustainable Energy Day. From now on, the residents of Ternopil will be able to receive information materials and expert consultations regarding the establishment of a condominium including the preparation of the necessary documents, and the implementation of energy efficiency measures in multi-apartment buildings in order to reduce both energy consumption and communal services bills. Equipment, computers, and information materials came courtesy of the USAID Project Municipal Energy Reform (USAID Project). In addition, the Project trained the Center’s staff on the legal, administrative and technical issues connected to the establishment and support of the proper work of the condominiums and energy efficiency improvement in multi-apartment buildings. With this opening, Ternopil became the thirteenth city in which an HOA and Clean Energy Resource Center is established with Project support.

Conference “Low Emission Development of Ukraine”

Conference “Low Emission Development of Ukraine” took place in Kyiv on April 22 with support of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project. Participants of the event were international experts, representatives of the public, relevant ministries, SAEE and NAS of Ukraine. During the conference, they started development of Ukraine’s Low Emission Development Strategy Action Plan. Development and further implementation of this document is envisaged by the Paris Climate Agreement signed on the same day in New York by the representatives of Ukraine and other 170 countries of the world.

Presentations: Beginning of the Low Emission Development Action Plan development process,  Low emission development strategiesNational Plan on Energy Efficiency through 2020Concept and Status of Ukraine’s climate change state policy Renewable energy development  - one of low emission development directions in Ukraine.



Exhibition-Forum Independent Heat Power Industry

On April 19, Diana KorsakaiteChief of Party of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (USAID Project), participated in the 20th industrial Exhibition and Forum “Independent heat power industry. During the official Opening Ceremony, Ms.Korsakaite mentioned that: “The Issues of energy Efficiency and energy Saving are currently priority Issues not only for Ukraine, but for the World as a whole. Efficiency in the use of available Energy resources Depends on fruitful Cooperation between the State, Manufacturers, and international OrganizationsWe hope that this anniversary Exhibition will help the Participants build strong mutual Relations which in future will help Ukraine become energy independent”. During the ExhibitionMs.Korsakaite gave a Presentation at the Municipal Energy Forum regarding the Experience and Results of the USAID Projects work on Creating the legislative Framework and Conditions for expanding the Opportunities of Municipalities to invest in energy Reform.

USAID Project Partner Cities Work on Their SEAPs

Another three partner cities of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine (USAID project) have conducted public hearings on their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). In February, the mayors of Ternopil and Khmelnytskyi presented their plans for discussion by the public, and in March public hearings were held in Rivne. These SEAPs are developed by the municipalities participating in the European initiative “Covenant of Mayors” for resolving of the current global environmental and energy problems (exhaustible fossil energy resources, greenhouse effect and related adverse climate change, etc.). Every city includes in its plan a number of investment projects focused on promoting the reduction of СО2 emissions and reduction of energy consumption by the city. For example, 36 energy efficiency projects were proposed in Ternopil with a total expected energy savings of 679,396.79 MW•h/year. Ternopil plans to reduce СО2 emission in 2020 by 22.15% due to the implementation of its SEAP Докладніше<<

New Manual from USAID Project

The USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine (USAID project) presents "Best Affordable Technologies for Housing and Communal Services Sector of Ukraine", which is its guidelines on technology selection. The manual covers the best technologies that can be introduced in the housing and communal services sector for increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy resources consumption. Every description includes a brief overview and the principles of operation, principles of the energy saving equipment, its key technical and economic parameters, advantages and deficiencies, as well as its area of application, criteria for selection and implementation. First of all, the manual will be interesting to developers of energy saving projects and representatives of city authorities who are directly making decisions on selecting the best technologies in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. You can download the manual here.

Seminar for HOAs Centers

In late March, Kyiv hosted a two-day training seminar that was attended by over 60 representatives of Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and Clean Energy Resource Centersfrom 12 Ukrainian cities. All these centers were established with support of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine (USAID Project). Vira Illiash, Director of Communications and Government Relations of the USAID Project, said at the opening of the seminar: "Resource Centers are first of all people! Bright personalities, concerned citizens, responsible owners, talented organizers, people who understand their role in the society and have chosen an active and honest position – to be responsible for their own comfort and well-being. We appreciate what you are doing in your cities and we are prepared to further promote your activities. We believe that this will allow us together with you to change the attitude of Ukrainians to their homes and to make them more conscientious and responsible. Read more<<

Opportunities for Investments in Infrastructure Development

The USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project is prepared to assist the pilot cities in developing applications for loans on special terms (interest rate of about 1.31% per annum in Euro) from the European Investment Bank for communal infrastructure modernization. ATTENTION! The deadline for submitting proposals to participate in joint projects with the European Investment Bank’s “Program on the Development of Ukraine’s Municipal Infrastructure” was extended till 15 March 2016. Loan provision terms envisage financing of investment projects in the heating, water supply, and sewage sectors; improving building energy efficiency, street lighting and solid waste management. Read more<<

Support for Cities in Attracting Loans

The USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (USAID Project) is ready to provide assistance to pilot cities in taking out loans for implementing energy efficiency projects in the public buildings sector. The Project will conduct energy audits of the kindergartens, schools and hospitals selected by each city, and will assist the cities in negotiations with international financial institutions. In addition to loans, the cities will also be able to receive grants from the E5P Fund. The Project will provide expert support in the preparation of the necessary documents. Similar technical assistance was provided by the USAID Project to Lutsk and Khmelnytskyi in 2015. Through the development of business plans, the Project helped these cities receive loans from the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) as well as grants: The business plan “Energy Efficiency Improvement in Public Buildings of Lutsk” was developed for Lutsk. It covered 8 public buildings. Read more<<

Support of Сlean Energy Project

The USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project (USAID Project) will assist the partner cities in receiving private investments for the implementation of clean energy projects. The assistance package includes: support in the preparation of clean energy projects under public-private partnership (PPP) terms: conducting energy audits, preparation of pre-feasibility studies and development of PPP concepts for clean energy projects, discussions with the stakeholders; preparation of the package of documents required for implementing PPP clean energy projects; organizing and holding public hearings regarding PPP implementation in the city; conducting trainings for local specialists; and advisory support for the process of PPP clean energy project implementation, etc. The USAID Project has assessed the readiness of 17 partner cities to implement PPP clean energy projects. A competitive selection of the projects/cities was conducted in two phases. Read more<<

Your Home is Gaining Momentum: +4 Channels in February

Just in late October, the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine (USAID Project) team launched the program "Your Home" on the national UA:PERSHYI TV Channel. And now it is broadcast on six national and regional channels, four of which joined last month. Only on UA:PERSHYI TV Channel, the program was viewed by more than 2.5 million viewers. The USAID Project experts, together with reporters of "Ekonomichnyi Visnyk" studio, have produced in four months 17 episodes of the TV program, and were able to answer more than 50 questions touching on every viewer. Eight more episodes are coming, and their topics will be very important too. We were able to explain to the Ukrainians in simple terms how to insulate a building, why tariffs grow up, and how to reduce expenses for communal services. We explained to whom one can entrust management of the house, and how to receive a housing subsidy. And this is not a full list of socially important topics that are covered in every episode by the journalists and experts. If you missed the first programs, do not worry! You can always watch them on our official webpage on our YouTube Channel and on our website.

Insulate Correctly With Us!

The USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine (USAID Project) in cooperation with the State Agency for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) has launched the “Insulate Correctly!” media campaign. This continues the Project’s information campaign on energy efficiency and alternative energy sources. USAID Project partner in the regions is BigMedia company, sale house of BigBoard Ukraine, leader in the market of outdoor advertising.
Already at the beginning of 2016, the residents of MERP partner cities have seen new billboards in their streets. The billboards encourage Ukrainians to implement energy efficiency measures in their buildings, i.e.: to install meters, thermal modernization, and and participating in the state program, which supports energy efficiency projects. You can find more details about these and other measures on our website, on website of Ministry of Regional Development,Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine as well as on website of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency of Ukraine. In addition, the Project website contains information on the establishment of condominiums. Experience shows that it is much easier to improve the heat insulation of buildings in a community of responsible owners.
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